The idea of Monterro is the essence of sustainability

We build and develop sustainable long-lasting businesses that create value for shareholders, minimize risk, create safe and fair working opportunities for employees and bring value to the final customer and user.

All Monterro investments are carefully chosen and well investigated regarding legal and sustainability aspects. In our unique Due Diligence process we carefully assess shareholders, management, agreements and the potential to continue be a safe and sustainable company over time. We associate many of our activities to the Agenda2030 framework.

We come from operations and can support all our portfolio companies over time towards a stable growth, minimal risk and a sustainable business going forward. Each fund is carefully managed to have financial muscles if expansion capital is needed.

Supporting our sustainable portfolio companies

We employ, support and develop more than 1000 employees within our portfolio companies. They are by far our biggest asset and we are passioned about treating them as such.

Our long-term commitment include setting long-term plans for each company, covering management, development and recruiting, helping them to grow internationally and deliver solutions to organizations worldwide. We also support our portfolio companies with add-on investments – bringing stronger and more effective solutions to the market. This also includes modifying their products and supply chain to increase sustainability.

Matilda FoodTech – creating a sustainable food society

Matilda FoodTech has created the Nordic region’s leading supplier of user-friendly operating systems for restaurants and catering. The company offers an IT platform that makes it easy to calculate and deliver customized food with the right nutrition, at the right price at the right time. Their systems and knowledge contribute to large kitchen and restaurants reaching the global sustainability goals.

Viedoc Technologies – for a healthier world by innovating Clinical software

Viedoc is a modern and sophisticated EDC system, used by customers that experience great efficiency with reduced set-up and training time for staff, 24/7 support, without compromising on regulatory compliance.

Did you know that…

  • Matilda FoodTech supports three of the UN’s Global Agenda 2030 goals.
  • 9 out of 10 investments have increased turnover over the past 5 years.
  • 9 out of 10 investments have increased the number of employees annually
  • 75% of organizations have experienced a 50% or greater reduction in vulnerabilities after using Outpost24’s solution.
  • Monterro is investing in product development by having 345 full-time employees within the portfolio companies working with R&D.