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Monterro is a hands-on growth investor.

We turn Nordic software companies into global players.

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Monterro invests in and develops B2B software companies. That's it. We're proud of our niche focus: what we don't do is just as important as what we do.


We invest in software.

We don't plan to diversify.


We come from operations.

We are not bankers.


We invest our own money.

We don't only rely on others' capital.

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Finding Palette's true colours

Palette is a leading provider of software solutions to streamline financial processes, so called AP Automation. The company is recognized as one of the big players in the Nordic region with a growing network of business partners in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

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Benchmark against Nordic SaaS peers

Like all industries around the world, the Nordic software community feels the effects of economic uncertainty and cost inflation. So we think it’s a crucial time to work together and share insights from our community.

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Latest news

  • Danish

    “Monterro is exactly the type of investor I’ve been looking for.” says Stephen Martin, founder and CEO of Hub Planner. ”They don’t just offer their capital, but also their extensive software business experience. That is what makes Monterro attractive and it gives us the extended platform we need to scale our business."

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  • Danish

    How do you manage your business growth and profitability compared to peers?

    Like all industries around the world, the Nordic software community feels the effects of economic uncertainty and cost inflation. So, at Monterro, we think it’s a crucial time to work together and share insights from our community.


    Our Nordic B2B Software Growth Benchmark will allow you to: 

    • - Benchmark yourself against Nordic peers on key metrics 
    • - Understand the region’s challenges and priorities 
    • - Get the insight you need to grow your business in a profitable way.

    So, we want your input. 

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    We think The Nordics are stronger when we share.

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  • Danish

    “With Millnet we become Scandinavia's largest supplier in our field. Millnet has good products, a fantastic organization, and happy customers. Just like Moment. We are now on an exciting journey and will continue to do acquisitions. We have managed 50% growth these last 5 years, and with acquisitions like these we will accelerate the strong growth”, says Eivind Bøhn, CEO in Moment.

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    01 / 10
    “We're happy to have Monterro as a partner in our growth journey. We get their operational experience, strategic expertise, and great support in add-on acquisitions. We’re also part of a valuable network, where we can share our experiences.”

    Gunilla Åberg, CEO, Next One Technology

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    02 / 10
    ”They offer both the capital and competence we need to become the global market leader.”

    Johan Blomdahl, CEO, TimeEdit

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    03 / 10
    “Partnering with Monterro has been one of our company’s best decisions, ever. With access to both know-how and financial support, we’ve doubled staff numbers and tripled revenue in just 20 months. Without Monterro, we wouldn’t have seen this growth.”

    Anders Jacobson, Founder, Next One Technology

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    04 / 10
    ”The experienced team at Monterro has the domain expertise that can help us grow. We're really happy to have found them.”

    Kim Sneum Madsen, CEO, Umbraco

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    05 / 10
    "Facing a double challenge of merging two market leading competitors and growing in the Nordic markets, Monterro's guidance and belief in our business has been essential"

    Anna Hällström, CFO, Matilda FoodTech

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    06 / 10
    “In addition to invaluable help in add-on acquisitions, Monterro has provided us with great support in operational areas like customer experience, product strategy, and recruitment.”

    Erik Bergseth, CEO, Matilda FoodTech

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    07 / 10
    "Through this partnership, we are leveraging on Monterro’s experience in building successful software companies that will improve our offer to our customers."

    Mats Klaar, CEO, Viedoc

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    08 / 10
    “Monterro understands and has excellent knowledge of what is required to scale a software company”

    Mats Lillienberg, CEO, Lumera

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    09 / 10
    “Our partnership with Monterro will help us expand faster and invest in a stronger product platform for our customers. Monterro has a rock-solid track record in supporting the kind of growth journey we’re aiming for.”

    Dan Sjöholm, CEO, Trapets

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    10 / 10
    ”We’re happy to have found a reputed investor that’s recognised for business development and international expansion. Monterro specialises in software companies like ours. Thanks to the partnership, we get invaluable strategic expertise and capital.”

    Tor Laukvik, co-founder and COO, Bliksund


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