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The idea of Monterro is the essence of sustainability

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Monterro Impact Report 2023

We're proud to publish our very first Impact Report. It will give you a detailed look at how we’ve contributed to growth. How we’re tracking our ESG impact. And the steps we’ve taken to enrich our community during 2023.

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We build and nurture sustainable, long-lasting businesses that create value for shareholders, minimize risk, and provide safe, fair working opportunities for employees, and deliver value to customers and users.

All Monterro investments are carefully chosen and undergo meticulous scrutiny, evaluating legal and sustainability aspects. In our Due Diligence process we thoroughly assess shareholders, management, agreements and the potential to continue be a safe and sustainable company over time. 

We come from operations and support all our portfolio companies over time towards a stable growth, minimal risk and a sustainable business going forward. Each fund is carefully managed to have financial muscles if expansion capital is needed.

Supporting our sustainable portfolio companies

Our commitment extends beyond financial investments; we employ, support, and develop over 2,000 employees within our portfolio companies, considering them our most valuable asset.

Our approach involves setting long-term plans for each company, covering management, development and recruiting, helping them to grow internationally and deliver solutions to organizations worldwide. We also support our portfolio companies with add-on investments to enhance market solutions and modify products and supply chains, emphasizing sustainability.

Holding ourselves to account

Sustainability has always been part of our DNA and we take pride in our initiatives and contributions.

But we know sustainability is a process not an end-point and constantly look for ways to refine our approach. Introducing Monterro 1-2-3, our concept for a sustainable future, we pledge 1M SEK annually to sustainable projects and allocate two days per employee for volunteering.


We focus on three impactful initiatives yearly, allowing us to maximize our support and extend our reach, such as aid to Ukraine, building a playroom in a Children's hospital in Vietnam, and supporting young women in Africa to education.

Risk management

Our ESG policy ensures investments have a solid foundation for long term sustainable growth and are protected against unwanted sustainability risks.

In addition to integrating ESG considerations into Monterro’s investment process, robust risk management is a key focus. Effective risk management is recognized as critical for the long-term success of Monterro’s portfolio companies and the organization as a whole.


Monterro employs various measures to incorporate sustainability risks into its investment processes, starting from the identification of potential portfolio companies through to the exit process.


Sustainability risks are also integrated in the performance review carried out when determining remuneration level to Monterro's employees.


Read more about our ESG policy.

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Matilda FoodTech – creating a sustainable food society

Matilda FoodTech has created the Nordic region’s leading supplier of user-friendly operating systems for restaurants and catering. The company offers an IT platform that makes it easy to calculate and deliver customized food with the right nutrition, at the right price at the right time. Their systems and knowledge contribute to large kitchen and restaurants reaching the global sustainability goals.
Viedoc Technologies – for a healthier world by innovating Clinical software

Viedoc is a modern and sophisticated EDC system, used by customers that experience great efficiency with reduced set-up and training time for staff, 24/7 support, without compromising on regulatory compliance.
Viedoc 1500X844

Did you know that...

  • 9 out of 10 investments have increased turnover over the past 5 years.
  • Monterro is investing in product development by having 1,800+ full-time employees within the portfolio companies.
  • The majority of our portfolio companies run their solutions on cloud platforms. These cloud-based systems are vastly more sustainable than their on-premise counterparts, reaching better energy- and carbon efficiency.