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It takes more than just capital to successfully grow a software company

How do you scale a software company?

Long story short, it takes more than just capital to successfully scale a software company.

You need an approach that frees your business from the forces of gravity holding it to the ground.

And we've got just the thing.

You've got the potential. Let's free it.

Maybe we'e biased, but we believe that some of the best software companies are based right here in the Nordics.

But it's hard to rise up against challenges like finding the right talent, accelerating product development, and knowing how to expand internationally.

And unlike what you've been told, you can't solve this problem by throwing money at it.

It comes down to experience. Time. Know-how. Networks.
(Plus a whole load of blood, sweat and tears.)

And we should know.
We've founded, managed, grown and sold software companies. We've driven change within organisations and the software industry at large.

Now we've turned our combined experience, know-how, network, and resources into a proven way to help you grow, scale, and succeed.

Meet the team here

Meet M.Fusion: the growth stack for ambitious SaaS companies.

M.Fusion is the rocket-fuel that frees your business from the forces of gravity holding it down.

To do this, it combines the eight crucial areas that create a scalable, successful business:

Let's dig in a little more.

Here’s a new way to accelerate your product development. Using our proven, top-class Scandinavian Software Park, we help you avoid the challenges of finding scarce development talent. We also support you throughout product management, building out product roadmaps, developing your product strategy, helping you transition from on-premises to SaaS, and with cloud scaling.

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Why Monterro?

We do things a little differently around here. Over the past few decades – as investors and as entrepreneurs – we’ve learnt what works. And that shapes how we work with our portfolio companies.

Take a look at how we compare to traditional investors:

Recognise there are common challenges, but tailor our offer to each individual business.
Invest our own capital, and provide hands-on operation and strategic support.
Understand this is a long-term partnership.
Specialise in B2B software companies.
Have all founded, managed, grown and sold SaaS companies.
Have all expertise in-house, which enables quick action and decisions.
Use a cookie-cutter approach for all companies.
Invest capital
Want a quick turnaround.
Have a broad range of companies.
Often lack operational experience.
Rely on outside tech advisors.
  • Next 2104 1000X455
    01 / 10
    “Partnering with Monterro has been one of our company’s best decisions, ever. With access to both know-how and financial support, we’ve doubled staff numbers and tripled revenue in just 20 months. Without Monterro, we wouldn’t have seen this growth.”

    Anders Jacobson, Founder, Next One Technology

  • Anna Hallstrom CFO Mashie 652X487 (1)
    02 / 10
    "Facing a double challenge of merging two market leading competitors and growing in the Nordic markets, Monterro's guidance and belief in our business has been essential"

    Anna Hällström, CFO, Matilda FoodTech

  • Danne Foto Sannalivijnwexell Beskuren1 Scaled E1591698700831 619X487
    03 / 10
    “Our partnership with Monterro will help us expand faster and invest in a stronger product platform for our customers. Monterro has a rock-solid track record in supporting the kind of growth journey we’re aiming for.”

    Dan Sjöholm, Founder, Trapets

  • Erik Bergseth Ver2 1 817X487
    04 / 10
    “In addition to invaluable help in add-on acquisitions, Monterro has provided us with great support in operational areas like customer experience, product strategy, and recruitment.”

    Erik Bergseth, CEO, Matilda FoodTech

  • Representative Avatar
    05 / 10
    “We're happy to have Monterro as a partner in our growth journey. We get their operational experience, strategic expertise, and great support in add-on acquisitions. We’re also part of a valuable network, where we can share our experiences.”

    Gunilla Åberg, Co-founder, Next One Technology

  • Johan Blomdahl CEO Timeedit For Webb 546X487
    06 / 10
    ”They offer both the capital and competence we need to become the global market leader.”

    Johan Blomdahl, CEO, TimeEdit

  • Lars Owe Li
    07 / 10
    "Monterro's approach is characterised by a respectful and hands-on demeanour, providing us with the comprehensive support necessary to achieve our shared objectives."

    Lars Owe Berge Nyland, CEO, Milient

  • Butterfly
    08 / 10
    ”The experienced team at Monterro has the domain expertise that can help us grow. We're really happy to have found them.”

    Kim Sneum Madsen, CEO, Umbraco

  • Mats Klaar 513X487
    09 / 10
    "Through this partnership, we are leveraging on Monterro’s experience in building successful software companies that will improve our offer to our customers."

    Mats Klaar, CEO, Viedoc

  • Mats Lillienberg CEO Itello 652X487
    10 / 10
    “Monterro understands and has excellent knowledge of what is required to scale a software company”

    Mats Lillienberg, CEO, Lumera

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