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Building successful, long-lasting teams isn’t easy.

Talent management in the tech industry is notoriously challenging because the limited pool of candidates makes competition fierce.

Organisational Design


Setting the blueprint of your team


Given how competitive the tech talent market is, it’s important that you have a clear plan and direction for each of the roles you’re trying to fill. Our experience building both small teams and international organisations can help you define the roles and responsibilities you’ll need to successfully scale your business.


Incentive programs

Craft incentives that make a difference


Incentives work wonders for motivating – and rewarding – your most successful people. But finding the sweet spot? Not so easy. We’ll help you find and retain the best people with tailored incentive programs. You’ll also get support with forecasting models, as well as decades’ worth of combined best practice from both Monterro’s team and teams across our portfolio organisations and wider network.

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Talent management

Cover all stages of the talent management process


Source better, quicker – Finding red-hot talent from scratch takes too long. But working with us, you’ll have access to Monterro’s extensive network: thousands of elite software engineers both in the Nordics and beyond. Our in-house talent managers give you the inside track, so you can find the right candidates, fast.


Hire smart – Our support doesn’t end after the screening process. We’re with you every step of the way, from interviews through to onboarding and training.


Train smart – When you partner with Monterro, you also have access to dozens of managers representing our range of portfolio companies. We share our expertise with them (around recruitment, retention, and remuneration) to boost their talent management processes. Which comes full circle, back to you.


Retain smart – Keeping your best performers happy, motivated, and actually working for you, requires experience. We give you proven processes – not just around reviews and development, but salary packages and incentive models, too.

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Top talent programs

Join the next generation of leaders

We’re not just here to invest capital. We’re here to invest in you and your colleagues. Partnering with us puts you on track to build future leaders within your organisation. How? Through a tailored, 10-month mentorship program designed for emerging leaders. Participants are supported by senior executives to help them develop new perspectives and build new skill sets.



Best practices for a leading culture


Your company culture is unique to you and we won’t dictate how it should be (nor should we). But we have experience growing organisations from just a handful of people to several thousands – so we know that maintaining a strong culture on a growth journey can be a challenge. That’s why we help you develop your culture as you scale, keeping the good parts and leaving the bad ones behind. We share best practices and lessons we learned the hard way  from our own experiences integrating new companies, expanding internationally, and from learning to recruit for new types of roles.


This is about a new way to accelerate your product offering. We support you throughout product management, building out product roadmaps, developing your product strategy, helping you transition from on-premise to SaaS, and with cloud scaling.


How to build a winning company culture
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