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M.Fusion - Capital


Funding is a little more personal with us.

We invest our own capital in your business (around 25% of that capital comes from our own pockets), so we can align more closely with you and your interests.

Growth capital


Adding a bit of fuel to the growth journey


As you have probably realised, we’re not an investment firm like all others – we’re more the get-your-hands-dirty with strategy and operational support kind. But that doesn’t mean we neglect the importance of growth capital – it’s a fundamental part of our offering.

Why? Because growth isn’t easy and it often requires a lot of investment. Sure, some companies can get there using their own cash reserves but adding a bit of growth capital early can be a great way to jump-start the journey. So whether it be to ramp up recruitment, fund new product development, or enter a new market – we have the financial strength to support you, should you need it.



Keeping the bank off your back


We know financing is not that exciting. But establishing an optimal capital structure can help you increase your financial stability and allow you to focus on actually scaling your business.


We can help you in your negotiations with the bank (or other loan providers) to make sure you get the best possible terms, and we’ll also guide you in how to optimise your financing.

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