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M.Fusion - Internationalisation


While we’ve never cracked a safe, we’ve helped plenty of software companies break into international markets over the years.

And much like a safe, unlocking a new international market demands specialist experience. For starters, it requires patience and a cool head because there’ll be a lot of ups and downs along the way.

As a Monterro partner, that’s exactly what you get.


There’ll be no jumping in blind. Maybe your instinct is to target other Nordic countries first… but geographic proximity doesn’t guarantee success. We’ll arm you with the right people, using the weight of our global network to suss out regional experts who can source the best possible talent. We’re here to help you expand sustainably.


Our combination of capital, competence, and patience drives successful, long-term expansion. This includes an initial market landscape assessment and access to our global network.


We’ll also guide you through your go-to-market strategy and provide expert analysis on different remuneration models. And throughout all of this, we'll help you take a structured approach to building a local presence, while protecting your company culture.

  • Johan Blomdahl CEO Timeedit For Webb 546X487
    02 / 01
    They offer both the capital and competence we need to become the global market leader.

    Johan Blomdahl, CEO, TimeEdit