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M.Fusion - Insights


Before we can get down to business, we need to get the lay of the land first.

We combine our own experiences, market insights, and benchmarking (both within our portfolio as well as with your industry peers), to ensure we can offer you expert decision-making support – both small and large.

Market insights


Prepare a lot, but don't overdo it


Software markets move fast – so it pays not to overthink every decision. Start by collecting some core facts. This will help you get to a decision quicker and save you a lot of headaches later down the line.

At Monterro, we help you design and implement frameworks and new ways of working that allow you to gauge the size and growth of a market. And understand the competitive landscape and customer perspective.



Measuring what really matters


You know in your heart the value you provide to customers.


But if you’re not sure what to measure, or measure the wrong things, you won’t be able to improve. For example, you might be stuck in old habits – over focusing on sales, bookings, and recurring revenue at the expense of what really matters.


That’s why we provide you with a rock-solid framework to measure, maintain, and grow the value you offer your customers. From Net Revenue Retention to Customer Acquisition Costs, we’ll arm you with optimal KPIs and benchmarks that keep you moving forward. We’ll also keep you honest with granular forecasting models that assess your journey as it unfolds.


Download the Nordic B2B Software Growth - Benchmark report
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Monterro Business Intelligence

MOBI, Monterro Business Intelligence, is Monterro’s cloud-based business intelligence system. It’s the central hub where all the data from our portfolio companies gets collected, analysed, and reported on. MOBI enables us to benchmark everything from standard growth rates to niche KPIs, and to make multi-variable correlations across our entire portfolio – fast.


And, since we also use this system to produce our annual benchmark report, you’ll be able to see which areas you’re executing well, and which ones to focus on for the next year to improve. MOBI is constantly improving and as we grow, so do the insights we can offer you.