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From day one, we help you prepare for a smooth exit.

We set realistic goals and timelines, and take a long-term partnership approach. This includes IPO preparations, drawing up advisor contacts, carrying out the due diligence process, and sorting minority divestments.

Exit readiness


The last steps of your journey are dictated by your first


Clarity goes a long, long way in any successful partnership. With Monterro, we make sure you’re prepared for your exit long before that day actually comes.


The “E” word may feel hard to envisage at the beginning of your journey but time moves fast. And over 7 years – the average length of a company’s tenure with us – you may well have acquired other firms, broadened your product portfolio, and increased in size.


In other words, there’s lots to plan for. While there are some key stages in any successful exit strategy, no two software companies will seek identical advice. So when it’s time to face the music – whether it be an IPO, a trade sale, or finding another financial sponsor – we can help you seek out advisors, oversee due diligence, and assist with overall coordination.


Reporting and controlling

Ensuring decision-making accuracy, clarity, and consistency


Reporting and controlling are not the most exhilarating areas, especially compared to actually running your business and planning for the future.


But once you get over the first hurdle and get good routines in place, reporting will become a breeze. It will not only satisfy the relevant authorities but will also provide us with a ton of great insights we can draw from when deciding on the route ahead together.


And while all companies will have different reporting needs, we have an encyclopaedia of templates and guidelines that we can use to help you get up to speed quickly and early – which frees up time to focus on more pressing matters.

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The idea of Monterro is the essence of sustainability


We build and develop sustainable, long-lasting businesses that create value for shareholders, minimise risk, create safe and fair working opportunities for employees, and bring value to the final customer and user.


Sustainability has always been part of our DNA and we are committed to supporting our portfolio companies in this journey too.

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Ownership structuring


Taking care of minority divestments


Growing software companies usually takes quite a bit of capital, and through the growth journey there can be several different people and companies involved. While it’s great that this ecosystem exists, it often creates some rather fragmented ownership structures.


We can help you straighten this out. Whether it’s former investors, non-active past founders, or employees, we can make sure that ownership is centred around those that matter most.


Taking care of minority divestments encompasses various aspects of your business, from valuation and management change, to the roles of your employees.


Legal and policies

Sorting out the paperwork


Across a SaaS business, there’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be sorted out – be it for employees, customers, or suppliers. This is especially the case when it comes to add-on acquisitions.


We know that you might not be big enough to warrant an in-house legal council, and external lawyers usually come at a hefty price. So our legal team can be your sparring partner in smaller cases and provide you with best practices and templates for the standard things. And when larger or more complex issues crop up, they can help you find the right external legal advice for the job – without breaking the bank.

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