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At Software Talks we talk about challenges, mistakes, tips and advice when growing a B2B software business. How and when it’s time to expand abroad, who to hire first, how to become a talent magnet, how to build a product roadmap and much more. Real stories, with real people.

9. Growing your business through partnerships

Forming partnerships can be a great way to accelerate your B2B SaaS business but if you think it's an easy option, think again. Gustav Lagercrantz, CEO of Monterro, and Louise Burman, Regional Sales Director of Outpost24, discuss the topic. The session is moderated by Beata Wickbom.

Episode 8: How to make the right add-on acquistion for your business

Organic growth is vital for B2B software companies, but there are some growth goals that can be achieved faster via add-on acquisitions of other businesses... if done right. Meet David Kuritzén, Transactions Director at Monterro and Erik Bergseth, CEO of Matilda FoodTech where they share their experiences.

Episode 7: How to align sales and marketing in B2B SaaS

In episode 7 we discuss marketing and sales alignment. Meet Erik Syrén, Operations at Monterro and Johanna Fagerstedt, CMO of Quinyx. They share their experiences and discuss common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Episode 6: How to build, scale and measure Customer Success for B2B SaaS

Customer success has exploded in the B2B software world. No surprise, given that key customer success metrics – customer retention, engagement and satisfaction – are at the core of every SaaS business strategy. But making customer success actually successful is still a challenge. Many businesses are unclear what customer success means, how they can build an effective customer success program, who they should staff their customer success departments with – and crucially, how they will measure customer success. Listen to software growth investor Monterro's expert Leif Bohlin, and Malin Appelberg, Heading Customer Success at Hypergene. They provide practical tips based on their extensive experience in Customer Success for SaaS. They are interviewed by Beata Wickbom, digital strategist and entrepreneur.

Episode 5: How you can turn your Product Roadmap into a growth goldmine

If you’re a software company bringing a product to market, you’ve probably developed a plan for how you’ll do that. But for many, this plan is essentially an internal piece with strategies and tactics... but contrary to popular belief, that isn’t what a product roadmap is. A genuine product roadmap is so much more – it can be the difference between success and failure of your product or business. In this episode we explore what a roadmap really is, how to build one, how to capture and maintain one, and what you can use one for. Listen to Bob Egner, CMO of Outpost24, and Per Ivansson, CTO of Monterro, how you can turn your Product Roadmap into a growth goldmine. The session is led by Beata Wickbom, digital strategist and entrepreneur.

Episode 4: Selling your software company. How to prepare and complete a successful company transaction.

Whether it’s been in the pipeline for years or you’ve had a surprise offer, bringing in a new investor or partner is often crucial for accelerating growth. It's an exciting time. But it’s important not to get swept up in it. Because there’s a lot of work to do before the process even starts – work that will maximise the value of your business. Listen to Lars Sveder, co-founder of growth investor Monterro, and Martin Pilotti, Partner and lawyer at Andulf Advokat, who give their best advice how to prepare for (and complete) a company transaction, and how to avoid hitting the roadblocks. The session is led by Beata Wickbom, Digital strategist, entrepreneur, advisor and Moderator of the Year.

Episode 3: How to transition your product from on-prem to SaaS

If you'd set up your B2B software business from scratch, you'd set it up as a SaaS. It's a no-brainer. But if your software business has been running for several years, most of your code has likely been written for on-premise environments. Which means a move to SaaS has a heap of challenges you need to navigate. Listen to the experts Per Ivansson, at Monterro, and Daniel Österhof, VP Reliability Engineering at Episerver, how to make a step-by-step transition from on-prem to SaaS. The session is led by Beata Wickbom, Digital Strategist, Advisor and Moderator of the Year.

Episode 2: Talent management

9 out of 10 companies have challenges in finding and recruiting tech talent. Meet Johan Redtzer, talent manager at Monterro who has done more than 8,000 interviews, and Anna Dyhre, employer branding expert, They give their best tips and advice how to attract and keep talents. The episode is led by Beata Wickbom, Digital Strategist, Advisor and Moderator of the Year.

Episode 1: International expansion

In the first episode we talk about international expansion. Meet co-founder and former CEO at Snow Software, Axel Kling, and our own expert, Peter Larsson. He is co-founder of Monterro and he's built software companies almost his entire life, such as Episerver, Front Capital Systems, Protect Data etc. The episode is led by Beata Wickbom, Digital Strategist, Advisor and Moderator of the Year.

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