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15 April 2022

5 practical ways to get sales and marketing working together

Getting alignment between sales and marketing teams is vital for growing B2B SaaS companies. It’s not just about sales approaching...

04 April 2022

Aligning sales and marketing: B2B SaaS metric checklist

Traditional B2B buying journeys – where sales teams approach entirely new prospects – have changed. Today’s B2B customers heavily...

09 March 2022

4 top tips to becoming a customer retention maestro

How to make most of the customers you’ve already got on your plate. Growth doesn’t always mean new customers – it can mean...

24 February 2022

Three top tips to grow your B2B SaaS business

As the software industry expands globally, many B2B SaaS companies are fully back on track with their growth goals despite...

31 January 2022

The B2B SaaS customer success metrics cheat sheet

Blog post by Pauline Daremark, Operations at Monterro Delivering truly great customer success in the B2B Software As a Service (SaaS)...

15 January 2022

How to build a great SaaS customer success department

In this blog, we’re going to explore how you can build and staff your B2B SaaS customer success department in the best way. Most...

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