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14 November 2021

Empower your B2B SaaS business leader: the product manager

The ‘CEO’ of your product should also be your customer expert and strategy owner. But every successful software business must give...

15 October 2021

Three big mistakes to avoid with your product roadmap

A product roadmap can be a strategic hero piece that drives your business forward, rather than just a to-do list for the development...

02 September 2021

Want to sell your software business? This is my best advice to a proper preparation

Blog Post by David Kuritzén, B2B Software Investor at Monterro. Selling your software business is a big step – but it doesn’t have...

11 June 2021

Five mistakes to avoid during your on-premise to SaaS transition

Moving your product to SaaS is better for your customers and better for your business. But the actual transition can be tough. Hear...

18 March 2021

What place does desk research have in international expansion?

So, your software or SaaS company is ready to expand internationally. But what should be a time of excitement can often end up a source...

04 February 2021

The 5 factors that most affect retention at software companies

A significant amount of work goes into finding the right talent to work at a software company. In fact, we recently explored how hard...

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