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07 June 2022

Add-on acquisitions: How to nail the integration phase

In our Mergers and Acquisitions eBook, we drilled out into the numerous ways that add-on acquisitions can help your business grow. ...

25 May 2022

Mergers and acquisitions: Five things you need before you take the plunge

Add-on acquisitions can be really exciting because, if used right, they can massively accelerate your business growth.  In fact, as we...

02 September 2021

Want to sell your software business? This is my best advice to a proper preparation

Blog Post by David Kuritzén, B2B Software Investor at Monterro. Selling your software business is a big step – but it doesn’t have...

11 November 2020

The most important question you need to ask when going international

Which region should we enter? Which roles will we need from day one? How will we find great local talent? Which products should we...

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