Talent management

Hire and train the best people in the industry

Where do we add value?

With our network of high-quality software executives, our in-house talent manager, and a software development center, we can help you grow the kind of team that will take your company further.


We have the best and brightest software talent in our network – in the Nordics and beyond. We’ll help you find the right people fast.


We share our recruitment, retention and remuneration expertise with managers in the portfolio to improve their talent processes.


Our support extends all through the hiring process, from screening and interviewing to onboarding and training.


Sourcing, screening and hiring great teams is only the beginning. You also need tight processes around employee reviews and development, and effective salary and incentive models.

“In addition to invaluable help in add-on acquisitions, Monterro has provided us with great support in operational areas like customer experience, product strategy, and recruitment.”Erik Bergseth, CEO, Matilda FoodTech

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